1. Promote the development of economy and society by virtue of credit guarantee

The Company has long been dedicated to addressing SMEs’ difficulty in financing, created an operating mode featuring “policy funds, corporate governance and market-based operations”, and vigorously supported the development of SMEs in coordination with the government’s industry orientation and political intentions. Moreover, it also provides services for SMEs by means of market-based commercial guarantee, and has been thus highly praised by relevant departments. As of the end of 2013, it had delivered serves to nearly 20,000 clients and provided guarantees totaling RMB 264.1 billion, of which 80% were for SMEs, playing an active part in creating jobs and driving local economy, and reaping huge social benefits. 

In recent years, the Company has directed most funds it raised through public financing towards infrastructure construction such as roads, bridges, subways and water management, affordable housing projects, construction of development zones, and other fields conducive to boosting domestic demand and sustaining economic growth. In this way, the Company has played an active role in improving people’s livelihood and advancing the development of economy and society. 

Through professional guarantee services, the Company helped the World Bank enhance the credit functions of the energy conservation guarantee fund, making its own contribution to the initiative of energy conservation and emission reduction. The second phase of the China Energy Conservation Project, backed by the World Bank and Global Environment Facility (GEF), is a major international cooperation project which is directly led by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance and operates according to the procedures and regulations of the World Bank. As the planning and execution institution of the Project, I & G has mobilized the Chinese commercial banks to contribute credit funds by using the leverage effect of guarantee, and created a new mode of fund use which helped the GEF meet the objectives and improved the use efficiency of funds. Such a mode has won high praise from the World Bank experts and been introduced to many other countries, thus elevating the Company’s international influence. 

2.  Participate in financial product innovations to improve the financial service system 

The Company has been actively engaged in financial product innovations, and by introducing professional guarantees to bond, fund and interbank markets, it has performed the function of a professional guarantee institution in credit enhancement and risk management, and successfully reduced the trading costs of market players, attracted other counterparts to make financial innovations, and boosted the healthy and rapid development of financial markets. It has provided guarantees for the issuance of corporate bonds, bills, principle guaranteed funds, and other products to help enterprises shift from indirect financing to direct financing, and made active efforts to improve the financial service system. By the end of 2013, the Company had provided 276 direct financing projects with guarantees worth RMB 161.5 billon. 

3. Promote the development and self-discipline of the guarantee industry

The Company has undertaken the mission to advance the development of the guarantee industry, made active explorations in business, strengthened exchanges and cooperation with domestic and international counterparts, created the basic regulations and relevant systems for the guarantee business, and advanced the building of industry rules and relevant systems, thus wining high recognition from relevant authorities and all sectors of society. Entrusted by China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Financing Guarantee Association, spearheaded by I & G, was officially established in 2013, and I & G was elected the Chair. 

4. Conduct operations within the law 

In line with the principle of reputation and integrity foremost, the Company always follows the business ethics of being honest and credible, strives for harmony between its benefits and those of shareholders, employees and the society, upholds the consciousness of corporate citizenship, persists in operations within the law, and takes initiative to fulfill social responsibilities. Over the two decades since its inception, it has provided the society with premium credit enhancement products and services without any default, and shaped itself as No. 1 brand inChina’s guarantee industry. It has also been rated as “Class A Tax Payer” by local taxation authorities for many consecutive years. 

5.  Make generous donations 

Since its establishment, the Company has actively performed the corporate social responsibility. It built the Hope primary schools, made donations to a number of primary schools and health care institutions in quake-strickenWenchuanCounty, donated funds to help areas hit by floods and draughts and support SARS prevention and control efforts, and provided free legal assistance. The employees are also actively engaged in charity, demonstrating the good moral character and virtue of I & G staff. 

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